The BOLT plugin for ChatGPT

20 tools to energize your chats!


Control ChatGPT's personality. You can save, list, and delete different personalities.

Check math

ChatGPT has trouble solving math and logic problems. This tool lets ChatGPT express the problem as code that is executed to obtain correct results (assuming ChatGPT correctly expresses the problem as code).


Erase information you previously saved with the "remember" tool.


Send emails from your Gmail account.


Reads a web page and returns all the URL's it links to.

News feed

Fetch articles from a feed URL or a news source you specify by name, e.g. "CNN".


Return photos from Pixabay and/or Flickr. For example, "tell me about a rare zoo animal and show me a photo".

Preview HTML

Use ChatGPT as an interactive HTML designer, especially for email templates! This tool lets you preview HTML generated by ChatGPT.


A "prompt manager" that lets you control ChatGPT's behavior. You can save, list, and delete different prompts.


Let ChatGPT proofread a web page to check its grammar and punctuation.


ChatGPT can automatically recall information previously saved with the "Remember" tool, across conversations.


Save information you want ChatGPT to later automatically recall.

Scrape PDF

Reads a PDF from a URL and returns its plain text content.

Scrape text

Reads a web page and returns its plain text content.

Search for videos

Searches multiple sites for matching videos.

Search latest news

Searches multiple news sources for latest news.

Search web

Search the web for information. This works around the limitation of not being able to use Bing search while also using plugins.

Text to PDF

Create PDF files you can download.

Upload PDF file

Upload PDF files from your local machine into the conversation.

Upload text file

Upload text files (e.g. plain text, CSV, etc.) from your local machine into the conversation.

ChatGPT will automatically use your tools as needed. It can even use multiple tools to complete tasks for you!

Each tool is built with our low-code platform that can integrate with hundreds of apps and build complex workflows.

For more information, visit our help page.